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Digital GDPR training

Digital basic training; ”GDPR HERO”


Reduce the risk of incidents by increased knowledge of the General Data Protection Regulation with ALL employees.


Human Factory's GDPR training on PC or smart phone is aimed at all employees. It meets the organization's needs for in-house training and reduces the risk of future incidents. The training provides an overview of GDPR and is full of practical advice.


NEW! Now also available in English.

Digital GDPR training

Participants study at their own pace, by smart phone or PC.



6 chapters

28 microlessons

7 videos (1-2 min, each)

15 single-choice and multi-choice questions


From the course content

Background to the GDPR

The purpose of GDPR

To whom does the regulation apply?

What counts as personal data?

When is personal data processed?

Data controllers & data processors

The Data Protection Officer

Principles of processing

Legal basis

Rights of data subjects

Safety and incidents

Advice for protection of personal data

Evaluation of the training


Extra material:

44 most asked questions about GDPR

Your organization's policy document 

Why digital GDPR training for all employees?


More than 60% of all incidents reported to IMY are due to the “human factor”, ie that an employee has acted incorrectly. Therefore reduce the risk of incidents by increasing the knowledge of the General Data Protection Regulation among ALL employees.


The entire GDPR training consists of 6 chapters and 28 micro-lessons and takes about 30 minutes. The participants study at their own pace and do the lessons when it suits them. Human Factory provides the cliet with a results report at group and individual level.

All this is included in the package:

GDPR training

Annual license

The training is available for a full year. All steps can be repeated.


The digital library with questions and answers about GDPR is open for 12 months.


And participants receive direct feedback and follow-up on their results.

Customized content

Customized content

Your logo. Industry-specific focus on issues. Your privacy and data protection policy. Customized text for course invitations, etc.

Material for internal marketing included


We provide you with a customized PDF / flyer that describes the content of the course and the importance of completing the training.


Here you can choose to add competition and prizes as extra incentives.

Invite by PC, Tablet or Smartphone


You provide us with email addresses to the participants.


We send an invitation and two

reminders for those who "forget" to log in to the training.

Evaluation and report included

Evaluation and report

We provide you with a report including course evaluation at group level.


The results are compared with an average of other companies' results.

Contact us for a quote!

Or for a free try-out course.


We will return as soon as possible with an offer based on the number of participants and the degree of company-specific adaptation of the course content. 


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